Step 2 - Read Through Our CONSIGNOR 101

A little too busy for regular consignment? Click link above to learn more about applying to be a Valet Consignor!

Register for your nearest city

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Read ALL the tips on this page to learn everything you'll need to consign at 406 events!

Consignors earn 70% commission & a PreSale Pass

​Consignors that sign up for work shifts earn up to 75% and shop even earlier!

Base level Consignor profit is 70%. Traditional consignment shops only give you 50% and they decide if your items will be discounted.  There is a consignor fee of $15.00 which is deducted from your earnings.  Workers who participate with work shifts may earn up to 95% and pay $0 in fees. 

The consignor fee helps us offset the continued cost of rent, utilities, advertising, and supplies associated with holding the sale each season. If you are donating all your items, be sure to check your mailing address where your consignor check will be mailed. 

*Consignor commissions checks not collected in person- will be mailed within 1 week of the sale. 

Pick-up is on Sunday from 7pm-8:30 pm.  Please allow at least 35 minutes for pick-up.

Step 10 - Collect/Donate Any Unsold Items & Get PAID

Unless you have scheduled a shift to be at a WorkShift for early shop times and/or higher commission, you DO NOT need to be present during the sale!  You will be able to track your sales throughout the sale by logging into your account! We update your sales every evening!​

Step 9 - Relax & Watch Your Sales Grow!

The Consignor PreSale will start at 5:30pm. You will receive your presale pass at drop-off. Want to shop earlier? Chaos Coordinators/Workers shop on Friday starting anytime from 3:30-5pm , depending how many shifts they work.  Max Your $$$ for more information about picking work shifts.

Only 1 Shopper per PreSale Pass!  Consignors get 1 Buddy Pass for $5 at the door. The Buddy may also shop. Kiddos are free but please note- during peak shopping hours the checkout lines can get long so plan accordingly.

Step 8 - Shop The PreSale & 50% Off Early

  • Make sure all items are hung and priced correctly
  • Check your Drop Off appointment time you signed up for during registration
  • Don't be late! Follow this link for Drop Off Instructions

Step 7 - Drop Off Your Items

  • You Prep & Price your items, You DO NOT need to be physically at the sale to consign with us! After you deliver your items, we do the rest! We handle the location, advertising, publicity, and clean-up. You just sit back and wait for your money!
  • Enter your items into your online consignor portal
  • Inventory is due into the system Monday @ Midnight 
  • Print tags on White Cardstock *Regular copy paper is too light, tags rip 
  • Items that don't follow guidelines will not be accepted
  • NOTE – A MINIMUM OF 25 items or $100.00 in merchandise is required to qualify for a PreSale pass.
  • SEE HOW ON Pricing & Tagging Tips

There is a MINIMUM of $.50 cents when pricing. If you have an item that you feel should not be priced that high then we suggest grouping it with other like items. You MUST price your items in $0.50 increments (ie: $3.00, $6.50, $9.00, etc.). This price setting is an unchangeable default setting on the software.

You set your items' prices. If you want to participate in our Half-Price Sale held on Sunday, you can mark all or just select items to be 50% off. If you're wanting to CLEAN OUT those closets, you may want to check the DISCOUNT option. Discounting is a great way to get it sold & gone! We would love to provide you with a nice big check instead of a handful of unsold items at pick-up. 

Pinterest Pricing Guidelines are also helpful if you aren't sure how to price your items!  You decide if you want to pick up or donate unsold items.  ALL "donated" items go back into the community 100% free. Be sure and check “Donate” if you would like any unsold clothing and merchandise to go to several local charities.

Step 6 - Tag Your Items

Safety please! Due to new regulations, it is mandatory for YOU to check your items to see if they have been recalled.  Go to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at to learn more. It is important that we make our children's consignment events safe places to shop! Click HERE for the list of items NOT ACCEPTED at 406 events.

Step 5 - Check For Recalls

  • Clean, iron, zip zippers, button buttons, wash toys, remove stains, etc. 
  • Items with stains or tears will not be accepted. 
  • Hang all your clothing on hangers with the hook opening to the left (like a question mark)
  • You're welcome to sell any season's items in any sale, however note Spring/Summer items (ie: jean shorts, sundresses, etc) sell best headed into warmer weather and Fall/Winter gear (ie: snow pants, boots, etc) sell best headed into the cold weather seasons :)

Step 4 - Prepare Your Items

Step 3 - In Depth Info & How To's

*Tip* As a Consignor, you will receive a PreSale Shopping Pass {Friday 5:30 to 7:00 PM}. You'll get to PreShop before our sale opens to the public! Want to shop before everyone?  Sign up to be a Volunteer!

Step 1 - Register

  • Click the link above to register as a new consignor for our upcoming event.
  • Read and Sign The Seller Agreement.
  • Write down your consignor number and password. (*You'll use the same # each sale)
  • Schedule a DROP OFF appointment in your Consignor Account