406 Consignary will make the Drop-Off process as streamlined and efficient as possible.

*Remembering the information below will help things go quickly!*

Please plan for a 30 minute check in - for every 150 items you have.

Before you bring your items to Drop Off:
Have all of your items clean, pressed, hung and tagged. Clothing should be grouped by gender and size. (Rubber bands work well to hold groups of same-sized items together.) 

If you plan to donate your items and are not coming to Pick Up, please let us know when you check in.

When you get to the Sale Venue:

  • Leave your items in your vehicle and come in to the check-in table.
  • At the check-in-table you will confirm your information.
  • AFTER you have checked in, you may bring your items in as directed.
  • A volunteer will check your items for quality control and season.
  • Next you may place your items on display out on the sales floor.
  • Leave your tote (or box) with your consignor number on it for us to return unsold inventory to you! (If you're not planning on sending unsold items to donation)
  • Collect your PreSale Pass and Sale Info Sheet.
  • Take home any unaccepted items, or place them in the Donations Area.

All Consignors should come with enough time to put their items on the sales floor.

*If* Volunteers are not busy, they will be happy to help you with placing your items on the floor.

Pick Up instructions:



Items not picked up by the END of the LAST appointment Sunday

will become property of 406 Consignary

and will be donated immediately to local charities.

If you plan to donate any items, please select "Donate" when creating your tags.

(This makes Sunday Pick Up even faster!) 

***If you do not pick up your consignor earnings check Sunday,

it will be mailed by Friday following sale week.***

  • Wait to checkin at the Welcome Counter *No Early Birds* No Exceptions!!!
  • Verify your consignor information.
  • Wait for a volunteer to get your tote/box/pile and bring it to the check out station.
  • Check the missing tag station for any of your items.
  • Collect any other non-apparel items that belong to you.
  • Take unsold items to your car.
  • Collect your check from the Cashier!
  • Party all the way to the bank :)

You will stop at the check-in table to pick up your check. Proceed to the re-sort tables and find your number. Remaining items will be sorted onto tables with your consignor number. Large items may be separate. Please make sure you collect all of your items, and make sure all items in your rack-space are yours. We are not responsible for any items you forget to carry out.

There will be a lost and found area that we encourage you to look through before you leave.

Lastly, because our time is limited to move out of the building, all items remaining after 10PM. SHARP on Sunday will be donated.  WE CANNOT MAKE PHONE CALLS AND WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVALS.  Doors will be closed and locked on time and pick-ups will no longer be available.  We appreciate your punctuality and understanding!

Drop-Off and Pick-Up