📣📣📣 HANGERS!!!!

FAQ about hangers at our 406 Consignary popup boutiques!

🧐 Does clothing have to be on a hanger?
😊 Yep! All racks get organized by size - with tens of thousands of items at every event, without hangers it’d be impossible to keep things neat and shop-able 😉 Please hang any tops, jackets, pants, shorts, dresses, sleepers, PJs, swimsuits. Blankets, accessories, etc are optional to hang.

🧐 What size hangers do I need? Can I use metal/plastic/wood/velvet/clippy?
😊 Any size and style of hanger is welcome! Kids’ 2T and smaller hangs best on an infant/kid hanger. 3T and up can use adult sized hangers! Kid clothing size 8(aka medium) on a kid hanger will slip off to the floor. Items that fall off hangers go to lost & found and won’t sell. If we notice your item easily slips off at your drop off appointment, we will ask you to swap for a different hanger- or secure it with safety pins.

🧐 Do I get my hangers back after the event is over?
😊 You’ll get *some* hangers back, but again with tens of thousands of items… it’s impossible to know whose hangers are whose 🤓 The Consignors get to keep the hangers on their items purchased during their exclusive Friday PreSale shopping time. Otherwise we recycle as many hangers as possible. Bags of hangers are available first come first serve on Sunday during consignor pick up.

🧐 So where do I get hangers?
😊 Hangers are FREE (until we run out) at our Marketing Days! Login to your account in the Consignor Hub to reserve a reminder [💗] Since these events take place usually 1-2 weeks before the actual Consignary, most prefer to get their tagging and hanging done before that. Best places to find hangers:
✔️ Ask online! We’ve got this handy hanger graphic just for you! Feel free to share it on socials or in groups, you never know who has hangers they’re ready to recycle!
✔️ Upgrade your closets’ hangers and use the old ones for consignment.
✔️ Recycle them from clothing stores, dry cleaners, thrift stores might have inexpensive bundles
✔️ Buy some! We get bulk from cleanersupply.com but price per hanger is close to what you’ll pay at Target, Walmart, Amazon etc. usually ~ $0.14/ea