Help! Something is missing...

Hey friend!

Thank you so much for participating in a recent event! We are so sorry to hear whenever an item appears to have gone missing. This is certainly not the norm, and it is always so disappointing and confusing on why it might happen. 

Below are the most common reasons for an item to not be where it should be...

1- The item wasn't at the sale. Consignors fully intend on bringing said item. The item then falls out of a tote on the way / needed a rewash and is on repeat in the laundry. No joke- we've literally had one instance where a kiddo found their item priced and hid it under a bed. This also happens when a few items don't pass inspection during Drop Off and the consignor has completely spaced leaving it in the back of their spouses' car... so thankfully not gone just misplaced :)

2- Sunday resort can be a bit chaotic. We've been doing this in multiple cities, twice a year, since 2015... No matter the way we slice it- it's nuts. Always improving. But nuts. If you only have time to help for one shift- this is our fave top pick! 

All of our staff and volunteers do everything we can to make sure items are returned to the correct bin and that everything gets double checked prior to it leaving the building. With that said, the most common mistake we see is thankfully NOT anything sneaky- but simply volunteers doing their best... Most common: accidentally placing items in a neighbor's blue bag or transposing a consignor number... ie: getting consignor 756 confused with 765... Feel free to ask us if there's anyone that has a consignor number similar to yours and we can go verify that other pile before you go.

3- Some tags do not *scan* at the registers. When this happens, we hand type tags instead of scanning. If the item number, consignor number, and price do not match exactly to the digit/penny- the computer system will not accept the hand typed item. There are no errors of another consignor getting credit for your item, it's just not possible. :) You may notice an item on your seller report that states "non inventory item added at the register/sale time" or a similar description. When you see this, it means the barcode was too blurry/wrinkled to scan and it got hand typed. Check the price of the sold item with the price of your missing item.

4- Theft, while very rare, can happen. Regular retail loss rates typically trends around 1.6% at our events; the "loss" rate is less than 0.01%. We do our best and take every step possible to prevent this. But at the end of the day- this is the world we all live in.

While it does state in the seller agreement 406 does not cover theft or loss - we do offer a 1 time claims form. Keep in mind you're only able to use this form once. Ever. So if the value is significant enough you want to fill it out- let us know via the form below. If not we hope your item turns up in a random place (or another consignor's bin) and we will see you again next season! <3 

If you opt to not use the claims form (and if you'd like to) keep a mental note of the item for the next sale season. Chances are it'll show up next round! Most consignors don't resort their bins when they get home and simply roll all the prepped items into the event next season. More than once we've seen a surprised consignor putting out their unsold items from last event and they find an item that was tucked on accident into their pile. *This is also why we are serious when we ask you to confirm you've double checked every item in your bins are actually *yours* before you collect your commissions check. 

Thank you for being part of our 406 fam!