• No DROP SIDE CRIBS (Recalls)
  • No CARSEATS/BOOSTERS (Recalls & Expirations)
  • No Carseat & Stroller Combos. The stroller* may be sold alone. (*check for recall)
  • NO Bathtubs made prior to October 2, 2017 (Recalls)
  • No Formula/Edible Items
  • No Stuffed Animals
  • No Broken Items, or items with missing pieces (check your puzzles, etc)
  • No Stained, Torn, Or Outdated Clothing
  • No Socks* or Boxers/Panties (*clean socks accepted if new or part of a complete outfit)
  • No Broken Battery Operated/Plugin Items (or have not been tested)
  • No PG-13/R Rated Or Scratched DVDs (VHS not accepted)
  • No Explicit/Scratched Music CDs
  • No Untagged Items (or items from a different tagging system)
  • No Items tagged with a STAPLER or STRAIGHT PINS

Any Items that do not meet 406 consignary standards will not be accepted into the sale.

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Items that may not be sold or donated

What items are accepted at 406 Consignary Events?

You are responsible for the safety of your items you are hoping to sell.

Please check with Consumer Product Recalls

and the
Consumer Product Safety Commission

to see if your item is past its prime, or has been recalled.