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Shopping Tips!

  • ​​Please be prepared for long lines--especially Saturday morning.
  • Please be patient as we are trying to check out shoppers as quickly as possible.
  • Pre-sorting and selecting only the items you plan on purchasing BEFORE you get into line greatly helps with the speed of this process. 
  • Be sure to bring something to carry all your bargains in and make sure it is large enough for everything! A large laundry basket (or 2) works well.
  • Bring a snack, drink, and patience when you come to shop.
  • Bring a shopping list with measurements of the children you're shopping for. To get the best fit on shoes, draw your child's footprint on a piece of poster board and cut it out. You will then be able to see if the fit is right while looking at shoes.
  • Shop with a friend! It's always more fun!
  • Bring your photo ID if you are paying with a credit/debit card. We cannot accept your card without a picture ID!
  • Be nice to the other shoppers and the volunteers. We are all in this to benefit our kids and it can be really fun even during times when there are large crowds – especially when you enlist help from other shoppers! If you are looking for something special and can’t find it, ask one of our Volunteers (wearing a 406 Consignary apron) or another shopper. It’s most likely there!
  • Arrive early! The line to get into the building forms early on the popular shopping days! The faster you get in the door, the better chance you have to get those coveted ‘must-have’ items you came for!
  • Return unwanted items to the racks in the proper size please! Think of the other shoppers and be considerate. If you do it for them, they will do it for you. 
  • If you come across stains or items with holes or other damages that somehow ‘slipped through the cracks,’ please let a Volunteer know! We immediately remove all items that are stained or damaged from the sales floor. We do our best to catch these at check-in, but we can miss things from time to time.
  • If purchasing a large item, please see a Volunteer and they will be happy to place your name on the item and give you the second part of the tag for purchasing the item. (Please make sure you wish to purchase the item before the tag is pulled. Holding on to the tag until you're sure you're buying the item is not fair to others who might be interested in purchasing the item.)
  • Check racks with clothing that is a size smaller as well as larger than your child's normal size. You might find a treasure that fits in these other sizes.