Ready to take things to the next level?

Serious about all things 406?

Want to max your commissions every time? Ready to join the inner circle staff?

Apply ASAP!

Join the Chaos Coordinator 406 TEAM And Make More $$$

406 Chaos Coordinators (aka WorkShifts) and get to shop first before ANYONE! Make More $$$! We provide snacks and water, you provide key support that makes our whole event even more fantastic for our shoppers. Set your own schedule Wednesday through Sunday!

The better our workers =

 The better our event goes =

The better *your* earnings!

Consignor Base Earnings are 70% Commissions and a $15 Seller Fee.

Team Members make up to 95%, ZERO Seller Fees, and more bonuses!


        no shift = 5:30 Friday PreSale Pass, $15 Seller Fee, 70% Commission 

  • ​1 Shift = 5:00 Friday PreSale Pass, $10 Seller Fee, 70% Commission
  • 2 Shift = 4:30 Friday PreSale Pass, $5 Seller Fee,  70% Commission
  • 3 Shift = 4:00 Friday PreSale Pass, $0 SELLER FEE, 70% Commission & Skip The Line Pass
  • 4 Shifts --> 75% Commission, 3:45 Friday & 9:30 Sunday PreSale & Skip The Line Passes, $0 SELLER FEE 
  • 4 Shifts --> ALSO Gets you entered into the grand prize giveaway = $0 Seller Fee & 95% Commission :D 

**In fairness to ALL, please do NOT schedule your drop-off appointment during your work shift**


You set your own schedule. You may cancel or change your shift up to 7 days prior to Sale Week. Canceling your shift during Sale Week means YOU will need to find your own replacement. In the event that you do not fulfill your work shift responsibility or find a replacement, a $25 fee will be deducted from your consignor check. If non-consigning volunteers fail to show up for a shift, they will not be permitted to earn a PreSale Pass for the next season's sale. 

In certain circumstances, 406 Consinary may prohibit that individual from joining the 406 Team Members for future sales. Harsh yes, but we will not make this decision lightly. We want to stress the importance of fulfilling your responsibility. ​If you cancel your shift, you've made another consignor miss out on the opportunity of your position. You EACH play a role in making your event successful. Nothing functions as well without you. <3